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Hagerty protects the cars you love to drive

Hagerty protects the cars you love to drive

Insurance for classic cars and motorbikes

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We protect vehicles that are not driven daily, allowing us to offer tailored cover at lower prices than standard insurers.
How much is your classic worth?

How much is your classic worth?

Our valuation tools are designed to help you make informed decisions when insuring, buying or selling.
Keeping car culture alive

Keeping car culture alive

Hagerty is the UK’s only specialist classic car and motorbike insurance company, run by classic car owners and enthusiasts. As a team we love our cars and we do many things to keep car culture alive.

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Overheard in garages across the UK

  • "Fantastic customer service. A trusted company and service that many friends use with their old cars. Wouldn’t look anywhere else. Thanks to Dan G who helped sort it all out so quickly and efficiently."


    5 stars: Excellent / 2 September 2021

  • "Hagerty was recommended by a good friend who has used them for years. I make a call this morning and within 10 minutes I had a quote and a policy. The agent, Tom, was professional, knowledgeable and efficient which made the whole process seamless and very easy. This is how it should work."


    5 stars: Excellent / 29 July 2021

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Let Hagerty protect your classic

Your special car deserves special cover. That’s why Hagerty offers unique and customised coverage, designed specifically for classic vehicles.

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