Athena: Observe, Learn, Grow

Side-by-side photos of RIT students and activities with the text See How RIT is Advancing the Exceptional underneath.

Athena is a design system for an online learning experience that uses motion graphics and information design along with succinct narratives and engaging webpage browsing to help visual learners comprehend complex information. This system will leverage several theories such as Pictorial Superiority Effect, which suggests vision is the most powerful pathway to the brain (Zadina, 2014). As well as Dual Coding Theory explaining that two senses stimulated at once will increase comprehension (Sadoski, 2012). Conveying content like "Marketing Ethics" in an effective way can be difficult, but visual education can bridge the pathway to these topics in an interactive way that incorporates animation, audio, and interaction.

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Adrianna Petrus; Visual Communication Design, M.F.A.; Imagine RIT 2021. Athena: observe, learn, grow. Visual learning through motion graphics, plus information design, plus engaging web browsing & succinct narratives, equals greater comprehension. Laptop displaying web page: Marketing Ethics. Explained. The initial relationship between businesses and customers. Business owner talking to Customer who is going to buy a cup of coffee.


Adrianna Petrus

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