The Rochester Institute of Technology offers a number of programs of study and courses in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. Many of the innovation-related programs are embedded within the university’s existing technology and creative programs. The following list contains a few of RIT’s current course offerings in innovation and entrepreneurship:

MGMT-470 Applied Entrepreneurship and Commercialization

This course enables students to earn course credit, in association with the Simone Center Student Incubator, for advancing a business concept, working on a multi-disciplinary product commercialization team, or working with an existing entrepreneurial venture. Students must apply for admission into this program and follow the guidelines provided by the RIT Entrepreneurship Program.

(Permission of instructor) Class 3, Credit 3 (Fall, Spring, Summer)

MGMT-765 Applied Venture Creation

This course is a part of the master of science degree in entrepreneurship and innovative ventures, which focuses on the entrepreneurial and innovation process by which inventions or creative new ideas are brought to market. Graduates achieve a unique combination of technical and business expertise that is especially relevant to startup ventures. Students enrolled in this course may work on their own project or they may work on a project in conjunction with Venture Creations, RIT's business incubator.

(Permission of instructor) Class 3, Credit 3 (Fall/Spring)

MGMT-720 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation

This course studies the process of creating new ventures with an emphasis on understanding the role of the entrepreneur in identifying opportunities, seeking capital and other resources, and managing the formation and growth of a new venture.

(Permission of instructor) Class 3, Credit 3 (Fall/Spring)

MGMT-360 Digital Entrepreneurship

Digital Entrepreneurship brings together state-of-the-art knowledge in digital business practices with basic instruction in entrepreneurship and business planning. This highly interactive, applied experience will allow students to develop business ideas, discover RIT resources that support new ventures, network with and learn from industry experts, and complete a professional plan to communicate and advance a digital business venture. Student work for this course will involve research and analysis of electronic marketplaces and, ultimately, the design and development of competitive digital startups. For more information check out the Digital Entrepreneurship page.

(Permission of instructor) Class 3, Credit 3 (Fall, Spring, Summer)

CMDS-498 Independent Study

The School of Individualized Study in partnership with the Simone Center offers independent study course credit for students looking to advance their innovative and entrepreneurial ideas and business concepts. This course requires permission and approval for students to be enrolled. For more information please contact Meg Walbaum.

(Permission of instructor) Class 3, Credit 3 (Fall/Spring)

Discipline Approved Independent Study

A number of departments on campus offer independent study credit for working on a team-based innovation project. For more information please contact your advisor or Dr. Richard DeMartino.