Diabetic Neuropathy Footwear Device

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Studies have shown that people with diabetic neuropathy tend to have higher foot temperatures than people without diabetic neuropathy. These greater foot temperatures cause the skin to be more susceptible to issues onset by friction and pressure, in addition to creating a moist environment. These effects increase the risk of ulceration and complications that could eventually result in amputation. Therapeutic footwear can significantly improve the quality of life and aid in preventing foot complications for people with diabetic neuropathy. Current therapeutic shoes for diabetics focus on safety and support but are insufficient in regulating foot temperature. A new therapeutic footwear system is needed to provide temperature monitoring and controlled cooling while matching or exceeding the current standard of comfort and support. Thus, our system aims to develop an active temperature regulating footwear for diabetic neuropathy patients to prevent foot ulcerations.

Prototype design for temperature sensing and active cooling diabetic neuropathy footwear device


Abbi Miller,
Brooke Stanley,
John McNicholl,
Keegan Evans,
Xavier Maxwell,
Ikrima Al Jaljuli,
Gerald Garavuso

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