Dissectible Brain Model

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This video had a YouTube Premiere at 1:30 p.m. during Imagine RIT 2021. During the premiere, viewers could chat live with the presenters and audience. View the chat transcript and video on YouTube

A key component of learning neuroscience is developing a strong understanding of the major structures of the brain and their relative locations. The goal of this MSD project (P21099) is to create a realistic brain model that accurately showcases the primary anatomical structures for use in an Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience course at RIT.

The video introduces the goal and requirements of the project and shows the three key components of the design process: creating the CAD designs, PLA printing, and silicone molding. The video also demonstrates the dissection of the model.


ZhiXin Zhou,
Megan Ritting,
Jillian Vertucci,
Mike Sandway,
Kobe Sanders

Donald Pophal, Donna Rankin-Parobek

Multidisciplinary Senior Design

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