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General Questions

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Contact for general questions about the Simone Center

Dr. Richard DeMartino

Director and Professor and Simone Endowed Chair for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Phone: 585.475.5646       E-mail: [email protected]

Dana Pelliccia

Senior Staff Assistant

Phone: 585.475.2176       Email: [email protected]

Contact for scheduling appointments with Dr. Richard DeMartino

Rupa Thind

Associate Director

Phone: 585.475.7487       Email: [email protected]

Dana Wolcott

Lead Innovation Coach

Email: [email protected]

Mike Buffalin

Director, The Construct

Phone: 585-475-6339      Email: [email protected]

Brandy Madera

Project and Marketing Manager

Phone: 585.475.6534       Email: [email protected]

Jennifer McKean

Staff Assistant

Phone: 585.475.2305       Email: [email protected]

Jeff Arywitz

Venture Coach

Email: [email protected]