IdeaLab is a program designed to link problems and challenges with technical and creative problem solvers at RIT. We employ student teams with multidisciplinary expertise to solve unique problems faced by organizations or institutions such as Al Sigl Community of Agencies, Rochester Regional Health and others.

The students spend one week designing innovative solutions for specific problems identified by the participating organizations. Each team works under the guidance of an RIT faculty member and a sponsoring administrator. At the end of the event, the teams present their innovative approaches to the project to their sponsor. Successful projects may then be expanded into ongoing student research projects that develop product and service prototypes, and potentially new businesses.

In previous IdeaLab events, students have employed their conceptual solutions, prototypes, and interaction with real outside sponsors to develop their portfolios, resumes and applications to graduate schools. Some projects have gone on to earn course credit in Applied Entrepreneurship and learn their potential to become a start-up business.


IdeaLab will be held

              Saturday, February 12 - Sunday, February 13, 2022! 

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Saturday, February 12, 2022

More details to come


Sunday, February 13, 2022

More details to come


Who Should Register?

We are looking for students from multiple disciplines who want to make a difference. Faculty, please encourage your students to register. Students, sign up, it’s a fun and rewarding weekend with the potential to solve real world problems that could go as far as helping people in need or improving an inefficient service.


  • Design products and service prototypes in student teams
  • Design innovative solutions to real life problems
  • Earn course credit and start a business
  • Develop your portfolio and resume with real world experience by partnering with serious and enthusiastic sponsors

What Companies and Organizations Do We Work With?

The Simone Center currently holds IdeaLab events twice a year for two unique areas:

  1. IdeaLab Access Technology - Fall semester sponsored by the Al Sigl Center.
  2. IdeaLab Rochester Regional Health - Spring semester sponsored by Rochester Regional Health (RRH) & the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD).

If you are with a company or organization and are interested in finding more out about how the Simone Center can help you, please contact Rupa Thind.