NSF I-Corps Site

NSF I-Corps University Site

Designation as a NSF I-Corps University Site has allowed RIT to broaden its early stage entrepreneurship outreach to the RIT community. The Simone Center provides I-Corps training to students and faculty groups with a number of general requirements.

  • Team Structure
  • Concept Maturity and Viability
  • Embedded STEM Technology



The Simone Center integrates I-Corps curriculum into three core pre-seed commercial programs. These programs differ by length and target group.

  1. The Student Incubator Program, offered every fall and spring semester, is the primary I-Corps vehicle for RIT students and teams with student participants. This 15-week team-based program allows students to gain course or co-op credit for advancing a business concept through I-Corps methodology.
  2. The RIT Student Accelerator Program is a full-time semester long program that allows 6 to 10 teams to advance their technology business concepts. This program provides student stipends, a small investment fund, office space and lab space (if required). It is the most in-depth and comprehensive entrepreneurial program at RIT.
  3. The Faculty (I-Corps) Seminar is a 4-week program designed for faculty and PhD students.