Research Overview

Faculty, staff and students in RIT's College of Art and Design are paving the way with research in fields related to technology, art and design. Here, unparalleled facilities, resources and innovative minds combine to create an enriching environment that produces groundbreaking discoveries and solutions to the world's most pressing problems.

Key Research Areas

From innovations in 3D printing, healthcare technology and countless other areas to world-renowned research centers, explore the work of our faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Tech, Art and Design Innovators

Our faculty, staff and students engage in socially conscious initiatives, use their creativity and innovation in entrepreneurial endeavors and produce work that entertains, captivates and educates.

Areas of Expertise

Visit our areas of expertise database to learn about the interests of our faculty and staff and/or find a partner for the next groundbreaking project.

Select Faculty Scholarship

Our faculty and staff actively contribute to their respective fields. Learn about their impressive body of research and scholarly works.

Research News

Catch up on our latest discoveries, updates and projects related to research.