Research at the College of Science

RIT's state-of-the-art equipment and cross-disciplinary research teams provide unique opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students and faculty.



Students Funded on D-RIG Research Projects to Date


Research Publications Submitted 2020-2021


Annual Research Awards for the College of Science

Experiential Learning 
Students build research skills starting in their first year through hands-on experiences in class and labs, school-year, and summer research opportunities.

Work with a Professor
Students can search for a professor by area of expertise to discover faculty members who are engaged in research of interest.

Co-op in the College of Science
Math and science majors can work in co-ops including paid research and academic opportunities as early as their first year.

Undergraduate Research Symposium
RIT provides students with the opportunity to present their research and innovative ideas at a large Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Research Resources
Our students have access to a poster printing service for creating posters for their research presentations.

Undergraduate Research Scholar Awards
Our graduating undergraduate students are recognized by the college for their research excellence.

Graduate Student Research

Our cross-disciplinary research programs with world-class scientists promote new ways of thinking and doing in a rapidly changing world.

Join in this exciting research through one of our graduate programs.

Research News