Advance a Business Concept Programs

  1. Applied Entrepreneurship Program/Course - Students earn course or co-op credit, have access to workspace, and meet with coaches/mentors while working on their business idea.
  2. RIT Student Accelerator (Co-op) - Intensive full-time incubation program where students earn a stipend to advance their business idea.
  3. Innovation Fellows Program (Co-op) - Full-time, semester-based program where students advance a new business concept provided by a technology company or other sources.   

Entrepreneurship Minor - A series of courses designed to give students a specialization in entrepreneurship.

Studio 930 - Consultancy team of top industrial design students working on student led entrepreneurship projects.

H4D - National Security Innovation and work on teams to solve real problems for the NSA, FBI, DIA, Army, Navy, etc.

DiscoveRIT - Pre-orientation program for incoming undergraduate students that introduces them to innovation and entrepreneurship at RIT.