Glass Option - Studio Arts BFA Option


Through a rigorous and diversified curriculum, the glass option cultivates artists who are as versatile in their making as they are in their thinking. Studio instruction in glassblowing, flame-working, hot and kiln casting, cold-working, kiln-forming, glass imaging processes, and three-dimensional digital technologies help inform each student’s creative potential with glass. An emphasis on research, idea development, material exploration, execution, and presentation equips students with the skills needed to succeed as professionals. This option is part of the Studio Arts BFA program.

Studio Residency Program

The glass option also offers a Glass Studio Residency Program for artists interested in pursuing glass-related research at RIT.



  • Performing and Fine Arts

  • Higher Education

  • Design

  • Museum

Careers and Salary Info

Typical Job Titles

Artistic Director Creative Director
Independent Artist Small Business Owner/Operator
Professional Artist Assistant Professional Designer
Professional Gaffer Professional Fabricator
Freelance Artist Assistant Freelance Designer
Freelance Fabricator Freelance Gaffer
Gallery Director Gallery Preparator
Exhibition Curator Studio Technician
Studio Technician Assistant Professional Hot Shop Employee
Professional Kiln Studio Employee Professional Cold Working Employee
Education Director Glass Education: High School Teaching
Glass Education: Undergraduate/Graduate Teaching Glass Education: Public Access Studio Teaching
Glass Education: Public Demonstration/Narration for Museums, Art Centers, Education Centers Glass Education: Material Study Workshop Teaching
Glass Education: Registrar/Administration Glass Industry: Architecture
Glass Industry: Scientific Instrumentation Glass Industry: Equipment/Tool Manufacturing

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Admission Requirements

This option is part of the Studio Arts BFA. Please visit the degree program page for admission requirements.

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