RIT is a leader in groundbreaking sustainability research, education, and engagement. The RIT campus is a living laboratory for sustainable technologies, practices, and philosophies within our built and natural environment. Every day, in all that we do, we live the principles of a sustainable community.


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Degree Programs in Environmental Studies and Sustainability

Undergraduate Programs

In RIT's civil engineering technology degree, you'll gain the practical theory, knowledge, and skills necessary to analyze and solve complex challenges posed by our nation’s growing infrastructure needs.

Learn more about the Civil Engineering Technology BS program 

With the growing demand of energy and an ever-heightened awareness of environmental protection on a worldwide scale, every industry plays a role in developing and implementing solutions that reduce, prevent, or mitigate serious threats to our planet. It has become critical for electrical energy to be developed from sources that do not pollute the atmosphere or rely on the depletion of natural resources. Renewable sources, such as solar, wind, and geothermal, are essential for a sustainable future. How to improve the efficiency of existing electrical generation, transmission, and distribution systems is equally important. Demand for research and development in clean and renewable energy is growing quickly. Nearly every industry is focusing its efforts on developing and investing in clean and renewable energy options, creating exciting career opportunities where you can make a difference in the future of our environment. This option is part of the electrical engineering BS program.

Learn more about the Clean and Renewable Energy Option - Electrical Engineering BS program 

In RIT’s electrical engineering degree, you’ll synthesize science, mathematics, technology, and application-oriented designs into world-class consumer products, timely microprocessors, state-of-the-art computers, advanced electronic components, and much more.

Learn more about the Electrical Engineering BS program 

Combine a love for nature with cutting-edge research to create a sustainable future for our planet in this innovative environmental science degree.

Learn more about the Environmental Science BS program 

In this environmental sustainability major, you'll learn how environmentally sustainable practices support environmental protections and champion efforts to make industries cleaner and communities safer.

Learn more about the Environmental Sustainability, Health and Safety BS program 

An innovative packaging science degree where you’ll design product packaging for food, cosmetics, electronics, retail, and consumer goods.

Learn more about the Packaging Science BS program 

Graduate Programs

A NAAB-accredited master of architecture program that provides a well-balanced education that integrates design, technology, and research with sustainability to prepare graduates to enter the modern field of architecture.

Learn more about the Architecture M.Arch. program 

An environmental science master's degree that produces skilled professionals who are able to tackle the biggest problems plaguing our environment.

Learn more about the Environmental Science MS program 

A master's in environmental health and safety where you will acquire a foundation in the managerial aspects of developing and implementing environmental health and safety management systems to help companies meet their sustainability and safety standards.

Learn more about the Environmental, Health and Safety Management MS program 

The master's in packaging science enables you to create visually stunning, environmentally friendly packaging that’s functional and durable enough to be aesthetically pleasing and sustainable for the environmental while also withstanding the stresses of distribution and transportation. 

Learn more about the Packaging Science MS program 

The Ph.D. in sustainability fosters innovation and creativity in solving real-world challenges within social, economic, technological, and business realms. In this inherently interdisciplinary program, you’ll become part of a network of academics from across RIT who are working to optimize sustainable systems and practices in engineering, manufacturing, energy, education, and more.

Learn more about the Sustainability Ph.D. program 

A sustainable engineering degree that allows you to reduce a product’s environmental effects at every stage of its lifecycle–from conception, development, and prototyping to commercialization, recycling, and disposal.

Learn more about the Sustainable Engineering MS program 

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the many facets of sustainability. In as little as one year, this sustainability degree will teach to you apply sustainability science principles to any field to help solve the world’s grand challenges—including pollution, food scarcity, public health crises, and more.

Learn more about the Sustainable Systems MS program 

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Thought Leaders in Sustainability

Golisano Institute for Sustainability

Golisano Institute for Sustainability

Lisa Greenwood
Assistant Professor

College of Engineering Technology

Eric Hittinger
Interim Department Chair

College of Liberal Arts

Saunders College of Business

College of Art and Design

Mindy Magyar
Associate Professor

College of Art and Design

Nabil Nasr
Associate Provost Academic Affairs and Director of GIS

Golisano Institute for Sustainability

Academic Affairs

Kate Gleason College of Engineering