Working Remotely

Employee Expectations

Employees who are working remotely are expected to maintain the level of productivity, performance, communication, and responsiveness they did while working on campus. If an employee needs an adjustment to when, how, and/or what work will be completed, this should be discussed with their manager through their flexible work arrangement.

Managers and employees should have a conversation regarding expectations that can be revisited throughout the remote working relationship. Setting clear expectations from the beginning helps to manage performance of employees.   

Employees are expected to continue complying with all university, divisional, and departmental specific policies and procedures while working remotely and will continue to be subject to all applicable University policies and procedures. Employees and managers should use the Receipt of RIT Information and Info Resources for any equipment or files the employee is utilizing while working remotely.

For more information, refer to the Flexible Work Arrangements. If employees or managers have further questions, please contact your Human Resources Manager.

Work Hours and Time Off

Time Off benefits are applicable for all regular employees who are working remotely. Employee vacation and health and personal leave will continue to be based on hours paid during the remote work arrangement. Requests to take vacation or other time off from work must be pre-approved in writing by a manager. Managers are strongly encouraged to be flexible and supportive with employees in granting employee time off requests.

As when working onsite, non-exempt remote employees are expected not to work overtime without prior approval from their manager. They are also required to take meal breaks in full compliance with federal, state and local guidelines. 

Workspace and Access

Working remotely can be an adjustment. Here are some resources for employees to keep themselves and their work and equipment safe while working remotely.

Woman sitting at a desk, stretching her back

Maintain a workspace that is safe and ergonomically fit. Utilize the Flexible Work Arrangement Safety Checklist for assistance.

hands typing on a keyboard

Remote access and staying connected is essential while working remotely to maintain safety and security.

group of people sitting on the floor, doing yoga.

Connect with Better Me on Facebook and Twitter for fitness tips and exercises while working remotely.

child sitting on a yellow couch with a dog.

RIT has a membership with, which provides our employees unlimited access to find caregivers, tutors, errand runners, senior caregivers, pet walkers and sitters, house cleaners, and more. Register at to access these benefits. Please use your RIT University ID (UID) to register.

Learning Resources

There are many resources available to support employees and managers as they continue to navigate working remotely or in a hybrid arrangement.