PRISM team creates The Children’s Foundation of Mississippi’s website

The Children’s Foundation of Mississippi’s website was created by Dr. Terri Hernandez and student Madeline Burdine. Mississippi Kids Count is the leading resource for comprehensive information on Mississippi’s children and serves as a catalyst for improving outcomes for children, families, and communities. This program was created as a unit within the Social Science Research Center at Mississippi State University and directed by Linda Southward and Heather Hanna. In July 2019, Linda officially retired from MSU; however, she wanted to continue to do her work for the children of Mississippi. As such, the Children’s Foundation of Mississippi was created to be the new home to Mississippi Kids Count. The Children’s Foundation seeks to foster collaboration, shape systems, deliver data, do big things, and build resources. Specifically, this program seeks to be the change in Mississippi and provide a better tomorrow for its children. The first step in launching this program was to create a website that clearly communicated the mission, needs, and goals of the program to donors. As such, Linda solicited the PRISM team to create the Children’s Foundation of Mississippi’s website. As such, this campaign exclusively focused on the successful creation of the website that would highlight the need for the organization and provide fundamental information about the organization and how to get involved.