Application Instructions

Maximize Scholarship Eligibility

How to Apply for Scholarships at MSU

  • Incoming students will be asked to upload a PDF copy of their transcript, and current students will be asked to upload a PDF copy of their CAPP report.  Please plan accordingly and have a PDF file ready to upload as part of your scholarship application submission. 
  • Fill out your FAFSA.  A current FAFSA must be on file in the university’s system in order for you to be considered for some scholarships.  If you have not filed a FAFSA, the system will screen your application out for scholarships that require consideration of financial need.  Students are considered as needing financial support unless they have the full cost of attendance provided to them.
  • Our departmental scholarships require questions in addition to those addressed in the general university application.  We recommend that you prepare your answers in a separate document and then copy and paste content into the space provided.  Some questions are optional, but responses to those questions are helpful when our committee considers whether an award will be made and how much should be awarded.

Eligibility Can Vary

  • Some of our scholarships are limited to students in specific concentrations.  For example, the A.G. “Aggie” Weems Scholarship is strictly for journalism students.  The Dominic J. Cunetto, Sr., Scholarship is available only to theatre students.  Even though it is named as a journalism fund, the Turner Catledge Scholarship is available to students from other concentrations.  Other scholarships are open to students from all concentrations. 
  • The Anna Minor Grizzle Scholarship is for out-of-state students.
  • Some of our scholarships require students to be rising juniors or seniors.  The system will screen out those who are not eligible.

*In addition to filling out the application and answering questions, students will have the opportunity to submit a portfolio displaying work relevant to the major if they wish. If you find that your portfolio file size is too large to be uploaded, please contact the main office for an alternative option.